Google Adsense Tips For Webmasters

Thứ tư - 11/10/2006 02:58
I've been a Google Adsense publisher since April of 2004 and what began as just covering the website expenses has blossomed into a real business for me. In the time between April and this article I've learned many tips on what worked for me to increase my Google Adsense revenue. While these tips may not work for all webmasters or web sites that feature Google Adsense advertising, they should provide a good path for webmasters new to Adsense
Which Google Adsense Ad Unit Works Best?

I've tried them all and I keep going back to the Google Adsense Medium Rectangle. The 300x250 medium rectangle has consistently outperformed other Ad units on all of my sites.

Where Should Medium Rectangles Be Placed?

On page placement of adsense ads is key in optimizing your CTR. I found the most success in placing the Google Adsense medium rectangle either right in the middle of the page or in a middle right column as long as it has content above and below the ad unit.

What Color Should I Use In My Ad Units?

Initially I used the same color as my content, making my Google Adsense ad units blend with the content. After awhile I found success with the color red and then alternated between my content color and the color red. This is the strategy I currently use and am happy with the outcome. I'm guessing that by alternating between a blending color and the color red, repeat visitors or those who visit more than one web page might be attracted to the Adsense advertising when the color changes.

Should I Create Web Pages Based On High Paying Keywords?

In all cases you should create quality content based on subject matter that you believe your visitors will find valuable. If this happens to be high paying keywords then great. Myself I find it preferable to create a larger volume of content as opposed to optimizing high paying keyword web content and competing with a million other Adsense webmasters. In the end more of my pages achieve a top rank in the SERPS and even though I earn less per click I have found a higher and more consistent revenue stream. The term death by a thousand cuts applies here, I imaging that if I could create content that always earned at least .20 per page every day I would do better than getting the premium click once per week or so.

Should I Use Multiple Adsense Ad Units?

This is up to you. Some webmasters have found that using multiple Google Adsense ad units on the same page increases CTR and also total revenue. Everyone seems to agree that multiple Google Adsense ad units decreases your cost per click so I guess as long as your sure the total revenue goes up its a good strategy. That said, I've tried it a few times and in all cases removed the extra ad units in favor of a single 300x250 medium rectangle. I prefer to get the best value per click by limiting the adsense inventory on my web pages.

Should I use Adsense On A Forum?

Its is fine to use Adsense Ads on a forum however expect a very low CTR. This is due to repeat visitors disregarding your Adsense advertising and the fact that many bulletin boards limit you to using the 728x90 banner which is known to induce "banner blindness" That said, if you have a forum that is maintenance free why not run Adsense on it anyway and capture what revenue comes your way. I am experimenting with alternating colors to try and draw repeat visitors back in on my CTR stats.

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