Top 7 Tips To Get More From Your Adsense Program

Thứ tư - 11/10/2006 13:55
By now, surely you must have heard about Google's Adsense program. If not, buckle up and hang on for the ride. 2nd tier affiliate programs are on the chopping block. Google's Adsense program delivers immediate results that exceed most 2nd tier and many 1st tier affiliate programs in terms of revenue generation. If you've been looking for a way to monetize your content site and don't sell a lot of your own products on the website, the Goodle Adsense program may be worth a peak.
Google's terms and conditions prohibit me from sharing the performance and metrics that our sites generate with their program, but I have some tips and strategies to share that will help you navigate your Adsense Revenue.

1. Never click on your own Adsense links. This is theft. Best to set a policy upfront to not allow yourself or any of your staff members or contractors to click on any of your adsense links. You will know if your links are working within 1-2 days after you put them up as Google allows you to monitor your clicks and revenue performance.

2. Vertical skyscrapers on the right side of your website produce the best results as a generalization. If in doubt, do A/B testing until you discover which banner size creates the best result.

3. Borderless Adsense web banners produce more usually than those with borders. Blend them into your site. Google allows you to customize your Adsense ads, links, borders, and color themes.

4. Create Adsense channels so that you can track your results from different sub-sections of your websites.

5. Get to know high value keywords and don't be afraid to alter your content a bit to include them. I do not recommend hauling off and building websites for the pure purpose of additional Adsense revenue. Google is smart and they may optimize you right out of their program.

6. Time to retire 2nd tier affiliate program links that have not paid you more than $100 USD per quarter. Replace this premium space with Adsense.

7. If your site needs a re-design in order to incorporate the Adsense panel into your current ezine or email newsletter archives -- the more pages you have it on, the more revenue opportunity you will have.
By Christopher M. Knight

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